Earn Money Online For Free From Blogging

What is a blog?

A blog is nothing but an online diary. The Internet has provided anyone and everyone a convenient way of airing their views and ideas online through blogging. Some people earn money from blogging while others share their opinions.

How do you create a blog?

There are several blogging platforms where you can create a blog without even paying a penny. But the best among them is Blogger. But there are pros and cons.Advantages of Blogger

  • It’s Free

You don’t need to buy a domain name and hosting. You pay not nothing, instead you earn. Yes, you heard me right! But I’ll come to that later.

  • Easy To Use

It’s very much user friendly and you don’t need any tech skills. It’s perhaps the best place for a newbie to start. You can set up a blog in about 10 minutes.

  • The Google Advantage

Since Blogger is a google product, they already have pretty much Search Engine Optimization covered and it’s indexed really fast which a huge plus.

  • Better Hosting and Security

Since Blogger sites are hosted on Google’s server, your site runs smoothly most of the time. Plus it’s hacker proof unless your Google account password is stolen.

If you are looking for a free, easy and no-fuss solution, Blogger is the best option for you to earn money from blogging.

Disadvantages of Blogger

  • Blogger owns your site

You should be aware that although you host your own blog you don’t actually own it. One step wrong can get it deleted by google without even notifying you. So, it’s risky and you should always have a backup.

  • Blogger lacks plugins

Blogger lacks important plugins that can help improve the functionality of your blog.

  • Limited templates

Another downside of Blogger is that it has limited designing features. Often you might feel disappointed to find another blog using the same design as yours.

If you are trying to develop your brand or business Blogger might fail to meet your expectations.

So, how can you make money online from blogging?

Make money from blogging

Adsense is one of the best options when it comes to earning money from blogging. Google Adsenseis a program where you can host Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on your website, that is, when someone clicks on an ad, you get paid. Simple as that.  Moreover, Adsense is the highest paying advertisement platform. So, getting approved by Adsense is always a dream come true for bloggers and site owners.Make Money Online From Blogging

But there’s a lot more than meets the eye. The process of getting approved is not very easy and their terms and conditions are very strict. You can easily get banned if you do something that Google finds illegal. If you fail to get the approval or get rejected for some reason, don’t feel depressed. There are alternatives to Google Adsense.

It’s where you sell somebody else’s product and receive a commission in return for helping them with their sales. It’s simple and free. You start getting paid as soon as you become an associate provided they make a sale from a visitor coming from your blog. The best part is most affiliate companies have lenient approval system unlike Adsense.

But sadly, there are many affiliate companies that are fraudulent. Please do a little research before you join one. Don’t fall prey to the scammers.

But you can always count on affiliate marketing if you want to earn money from blogging.

Here are a few legit ones who pay well:

1. Market Health Affiliate Review

Market Health is the best affiliate program that helps you make money from blogging. It’s the world’s largest online marketing company in health and beauty industry. Market Health Affiliate Program provides you with the opportunity to make money online by promoting the world’s leading health and beauty offers. They offer the highest paying affiliate commissions and also free hosting to new affiliates. Not many affiliate networks do that, in fact none that I know of.  What’s cool about Market Health is the fact that it’s really easy to join and doesn’t require any experience.

Also health has been a profitable niche. People get sick and overweight and you’ll find people concerned about their looks. When they reach out for aid, they do so with open wallets.

2.Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank can be a very lucrative affiliate program  which provides you the opportunity to promote digital products online. If you promote a product and end up selling it, you receive a commission for the same which usually ranges from 50-75%.

3.  Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is a branded affiliate program that allows you to earn a portion of the sales when people click through your blog to Amazon.com and make a purchase. Amazon provides you with a wide choice of products and the commission usually varies from 4-15%.

Choose a product that is hot and currently selling a lot. You can have a separate blog for each product.

The best part about these affiliate programs is that is that you can have more than one in your blog. They have no issues if you tie up with another brand.  Just make sure your blog doesn’t become too cluttered and the customer loses interest in visiting it.

NOTE: If you have an information related blog go for Adsense. But if your blog is more product related go for the affiliate marketing. This is because visitors of information related blogs may click on ad links just  to find out more information but not make an actual purphase. On the other hand visitors of product related blogs are actually in a buying mood and chances are more that they will make a purphase.

 So how much money can you make from blogging?

That’s a million dollar question. .

How much you make .. well.. that depends..


Your success depends on you. All you have to do is:

  • Learn everything you can about online marketing
  • Create a blog and provide fresh content on regular basis
  • Sign up for Adsense or Affiliate Programs
  • People click on ads or buy products
  • Profit

Sounds easy right?

Brutal honestly, it’s not. It requires a great deal of patience, effort and dedication. If you want to make money from blogging, make sure you work hard.

Many people around the globe are successfully earning healthy incomes from blogging. If they can do it, so can you. Trust me all the hard work and sweat you put into it will be worth it in the end.

Blogging is a great money making activity with long term benefits, if you create compelling unique and genuine content. So why not get in the bandwagon now and make money from blogging?

So, good luck and happy earning! :-D

2 comments to Earn Money Online For Free From Blogging

  • Rajarshi Manna

    Dear Madam,

    Your blog is very helpful for making money online.

    I have some question regarding google adsense.

    I want to make website for google adsense purpose.

    Is it true that website/blog should be 6 months old after registration before applying for google adsense programme?

    I asked so many people but never get right answer. somebody told yes and some are no.

    Can you please tell me the truth.

    Please help me.

    Can you give ur mob no so that I can contact you.




    • In most Asian countries, AdSense has placed an age restriction and they won’t accept sites that aren’t at least 6 months old. You also need to have valuable content​, professional design, good traffic, privacy policy, about page & contact us page before applying. Good luck!

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