How To Earn Money From Facebook

I’m sure you’ve heard about facebook and are most likely using it. Facebook is great option if you want to work from home part time and earn a good supplementary income. You might also find it interesting that there are 955 million active users on facebook and 3.2 billion likes and comments every day. So facebook is the hottest social networking site available on the internet. Since people’s decisions are influenced by facebook these days, there is huge potential market there.

So what skills do you need to make money from facebook?

You don’t need to be a socialite or a rocket scientist to earn money from facebook. All you need is basic computer knowledge, a computer with reliable internet access and a desire to make some extra money.

You must be wondering how is that even possible! Well today I’ll show you how you can make money from facebook.How to make money from facebook page

  • Make Money From Your Facebook Fanpage

Due to its viral structure, a facebook fanpage is the best source of facebook traffic. The best thing about it is that you can get highly targeted and regular traffic. Moreover, creating a facebook fanpage costs nothing but you make a lot of money through it, if you do it right. For example this is our facebook fanpage.

1. Advertising on your fanpage

Facebook fanpages are a great way to connect with your fans and make some cash by getting paid to advertise products on your fanpage. What you have to do is create a killer fanpage related to particular niche and optimize it. In order to target a huge audience you have to find out something that people are interested in. If your fanpage becomes popular enough advertisers would be happy to pay you to promote their products on your fanpage.

2. Sell your fanpage

You are creating a fanpage absolutely free of cost, working hard to get more likes and then selling it in sites like sellyourfanpage for a good amount of money. So you make money just by investing your time and effort. Can you afford not to be involved in it?

3. Get paid to work as an admin on a facebook fanpage

You can work as an admin on the fanpage of companies and celebrities who are too busy to update their facebook fanpages.

4. Earn by selling particular spaces of your post

You can also make some money by selling certain spaces of your post to advertisers where they can promote their links.

5. Promote your affiliate or referral links

Facebook provides very cheap targeted traffic if done correctly. If you have a fanpage that has targeted likes, promoting an affiliate product related to your fanpage niche should get you some decent traffic and earnings. The best thing about facebook is that you can approach people personally and sell your product to them.

6. Earn from your blog or website

You can set up a niche related blog for free at Blogger and monetize it with Adsense and CPA offers. Don’t forget to do a little keyword research to find out what people are madly searching on the internet. Then you can add a facebook fanpage plugin and update it at least once a day so that it appears in the news feeds of all your fans. Try to post updates that push your fans to share your page on their walls. And make sure you don’t overdo it.

A little technical skill can improve your success rate, but you can always hire someone to that for you.

If you don’t get enough likes in the beginning you can target local dealers. You can advertise different local brands (say a jewellery shop in your locality) on your fanpage and earn for the advertisements from your client. Although your targeted audience will be your locality but there are chances that this will be beneficial for everyone – you, your client and your followers.

  • How to make money from facebook likes Make money from facebook apps or games

If you’re savvy enough, you can create your own facebook application or game and make a few bucks by selling it to users. Again you can promote it using the same strategies as mentioned above and make money from your facebook app or game.

  • Create groups of clients or customers for target marketing

The coolest thing about a facebook group is that you can add friends to it without even asking for their permission. When you have 5000+ users you have ample scope of monetising via status updates. Individuals do not even have to be friends to interact with each other and anything sharable goes viral almost instantly. You can promote your affiliate links there, it works well. But it’s a gateway of spammers as well. So please be careful.

  • Earn by making more friends

Add more and more friends in your list who are interested in a particular product. You can send something like – “I’m trying to expands my list of contacts and friends. Please accept my request.” Once your request is accepted try to build friendship by engaging with them. Build relationships so that people start liking and trusting you. And please don’t always post links related to your business because you’re gonna fail miserably. Also try to post some quotes or something that is valuable to them. If you want more friends, you can create more accounts but from different email addresses.

  • Sell your ebook on facebook

Ebooks are basically electronic books and you can publish them totally free of cost. Since most ebooks that are written to make money are more like epamphlets than whole books, so pretty much anyone with an idea can do it. Write about something where you can claim some kind of authority. Try to be creative, engage your audience and then advertise it at the end of each post.

Instead of being active on facebook and gaining nothing, why not try these methods and make some money online from home? But there’s no substitute for hard work. You gotta put in a little effort for best results.

Did I miss something? Your comments or criticism or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Please feel free to leave them below!

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